1. 1Bolon has in-house recycling facility to "build on heritage of the company"
  2. 2Stephen Burks uses Bolon textile to create shaggy chairs for BD Barcelona
  3. 3Neri&Hu create an "abstract forest" to launch Bolon's new collection
  4. 4Thonet reinterprets classic bentwood 209 chair with Bolon's Villa La Madonna material
  5. 5Färg & Blanche uses Bolon fabric to create samurai-inspired Long Neck armchair
  6. 6Cappellini creates experimental furniture using new Bolon material
  7. 7Innovators at Heart exhibition demonstrates Bolon's aim to move beyond flooring
  8. 8Jean Nouvel designs striped flooring collection for Bolon
  9. 9Bolon unveils experimental rug collection at Stockholm Design Week
  10. 10Technology means there's no limit to designs at Bolon, says director Marie Eklund
  11. 11Bolon's creativity comes from the factory as well as the studio say directors
  12. 12Annica and Marie Eklund transform Bolon into glamorous design brand
  13. 13Doshi Levien creates abstract material compositions for Bolon
  14. 14Bolon reinterprets Missoni's iconic zigzag for new flooring